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From effective and efficient reporting to impacting performance, the Tada! Office of Compliance & Accountability's core function is to oversee compliance as well as ensuring coordination and communication among, and between, our clients, our marketing teams, sales teams and governmental entities.


Tada! has built its reputation on quality data, sound and unburdening processes and expert staff. It has done this with the design of effective, comprehensive systems and tools as well as an unending due diligence for governmental expectations.


Utilizing tools like the Tada! Compliance Performance Review (TCPR), Tada! works with vigilance to guarantee our marketing efforts are performing up to the highest standards expected of the Office of Inspector General (OIG), The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), HIPPA, and others. With comprehensive and effective systems in place, Tada! can help identify marketing weaknesses or changes in regulation and guidelines and timely impact change when and where necessary.